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Brendan Ho

Brendan Ho


Born and raised in KK, Sabah, I embarked on an academic journey to Perth in 2012 to pursue higher education. My passion for business wasn’t merely confined to textbooks; it was an innate drive to understand, innovate, and lead.

In 2014, I established ‘City Centre Car Rentals’, which began as an ambitious venture and has, over the years, transformed into one of Perth’s leading car rental services. But my entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. By 2023, I’ve diversified my portfolio, venturing into various sectors, including car dealerships, tour companies, car rentals, ticketing solutions systems, event organizations, marketing companies, ISP service providers, cafes, restaurants, the innovative realm of vending machines and others.

For me, business isn’t just about profit margins. It’s about continuous learning, adaptation, and growth. Life, as I see it, is a perennial curve of learning, and there’s always room for improvement. Equally important is the responsibility that comes with success. I staunchly believe in giving back, aiding those in the industry, and making meaningful contributions to society.

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