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Shane Wee

Shane Wee

Committee Member

Shane retired from his position as a founding director of Alto Capital in July 2021, marking the culmination of a distinguished 28-year career in the financial services industry. His decision to step down was motivated by the opportunity to assume the role of CEO at The Magic Coat for Kids and explore new avenues aligned with his passion for making a positive impact.

Throughout his professional journey, Shane forged close and enduring relationships with numerous influential business leaders within Perth’s thriving business community. His unwavering focus has consistently revolved around nurturing long-term connections with strategic partners, constantly seeking to add value to his local network and contacts, and extending his reach into the dynamic South East Asian market.

Presently, Shane serves on the boards and consults to a number ASX-listed and private companies, providing his expertise to support their growth and success. In his leisure time, he derives great satisfaction from mentoring a diverse group of young entrepreneurs, firmly believing in the duty of business leaders to contribute to the development of the next generation.

Shane’s network is further enriched by his philanthropic pursuits, where he channels his acumen as a business builder to assist those in need. Notably, he holds a board position at The Magic Coat for Kids, an organisation led by Diane Wilcox, a distinguished expert in parenting and youth mental health. This social enterprise is dedicated to empowering children aged 3-11 through a range of offerings, including books, workshops, and programs, all designed to equip them with invaluable psychological tools for maintaining robust mental health.

In addition to his role at The Magic Coat for Kids, Shane is an active member of the Rotary Club of Crawley. Furthermore, he serves as a board member of The Yellow Umbrella Foundation, an organisation with a mission to establish and fund children’s mental health services throughout Australia. The foundation’s primary focus is on addressing the pressing concern of rising mental health issues among children, achieved through financial support to organizations offering essential mental health services to young individuals. By emphasizing early intervention and preventive measures, the foundation strives to enhance the overall well-being and future prospects of children across Australia.