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Verghese Jacob

Verghese Jacob

Committee Member

Verghese Jacob is an international trade consultant with an agribusiness focus. Having worked with Australian Mineral Fertilisers in Western Australia (WA) and with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, his knowledge and experience range from the soil to market.

Besides, Verghese has been with the State Government of WA for almost 20 years facilitating trade and investment where his includes being the State’s Trade Commissioner based in Malaysia from 2005 to 2012. Verghese also has been a businessman where he was the owner-operator of tour company in WA in the mid-1990s. Verghese’s working career started with the freight forwarding industry in Malaysia during which time he was posted to West Germany to coordinate the logistics for the oil and gas industry.

Verghese has MBA from University of WA and BA Hons from University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

verghese jacob